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Signing of a Cooperation Agreement between the Order of Malta and Niger

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Niger, His Excellency Hassoumi Massoudou, and the Ambassador of the Order of Malta signed a cooperation agreement defining the guidelines for cooperation between Niger and the Sovereign Order of Malta.

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Grand Master inaugurates the new Magistral Archives portal

With a click, this morning the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, Fra’ John Dunlap, inaugurated the new portal of the Magistral Archives in the Magistral Palace Library in…


Make a WISH: from the Principality of Monaco to Lebanon

The Order of Malta in Lebanon has actively participated in the well-established “Make a WISH to the Order of Malta project”, which provides balanced and nutritious meals to deprived persons…


Grand Commander visits Cameroon and meets Prime Minister

The Grand Commander of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Fra’ Emmanuel Rousseau, visited Cameroon between 7 and 10 June for a series of spiritual and institutional encounters, beginning with the…